Biotech honeymoon is over, preprints, and bio-art

Dec 8, 2016

Biotech’s “Trump honeymoon” is over Post-election day, many biotech stocks felt a lovely jump in their prices. But as of yesterday, that “Trump Bump” has petered out, down nearly 7% already. For those who attended the Forbes Health Summit last...

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HHS nomination, Big Data, and smarts

Dec 1, 2016

All things politics . . . Earlier this week as we all came back to work from Turkey day, President-elect Trump announced his nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Representative Tom Price. HHS, with a budget of...

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CRISPR, 21st Century Cures, and e-cigs

Nov 17, 2016

Take a CRISPR break from the elections Life goes on after the election in the U.S., so let’s see what’s happening with CRISPR. A team of oncologists in China became the first group to inject cells edited by CRISPR into...

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Placebos, peanut patch, and Dance your Ph.D

Oct 31, 2016

I’d quit placebos, but it wouldn’t make a difference So says conventional wisdom, anyway. But new research out of Harvard Medical School claims maybe not. We are all very familiar with the “placebo effect”, but critics point out that since...

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