BioPolicy Summit 2017

Improving Reproducibility of Research Through

Digital Tools, Technologies and Laboratory Automation



Meeting Overview

The nature of the Laboratory is fundamentally changing. Science is being democratized and is now being performed not only in standard academic laboratories, but on single rented benches in incubators, in community laboratories and in garages.

Clearly, the way scientists have worked in the past is not the way they will work in the future. In the laboratory, everything from experiment setup to the cleaning and washing of materials is becoming automated. New methods of data management, communication and integration are also improving every step in the scientific process from experiment design to execution, to data analysis and collection, publishing and sharing. Instrumentation improvements are helping to expand research capabilities. This will impact not only the quality of life for researchers, but the reproducibility of research, scale of research performed and cost/quality of research.

This meeting will bring together a diverse and interdisciplinary group of participants – from biologists, programmers, instrumentation manufacturers, the maker community, journals and funders – to examine innovations that are redefining the laboratory environment and workflow characteristics at every step of the scientific process, as well as the organizational strategies and information systems needed to capture the benefits of automation and democratization. In so doing, it will yield important insights into the laboratory of the future, the specific new technologies that will revolutionize the way science is done, and the strategies that will help to propel innovation forward and make research more reproducible.

The meeting will include exhibition space for companies to showcase their products.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Information

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Steering Committee

Len Freedman

Global Biological Standards Institute

Nancy J Kelley

Nancy J Kelley + Associates

Will Canine

Open Trons

Douglas Densmore

Boston University College of Engineering

Jim Inglese

National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

Lenny Teytelman


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