The Case for Biological Standards

Published in: GBSI White Paper

Date: December 11, 2013

Authors: GBSI

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GBSI Convenes Stakeholders to Solve the Critical Challenge of Irreproducibility in Life Science Research.

This Report, prepared by independent consultants Health Advances and Feinstein Kean Healthcare, presents the latest findings on irreproducibility obtained from almost 60 interviews with stakeholders throughout the life science community and our recommendations for meaningful change.

  • The causes are multifactorial and complex, but most irreproducible studies can be traced to the absence of a unifying standards framework.
  • Reproducibility is the foundation of life science research and yet far too often the inability to reproduce experimental data has resulted in the invalidation of research breakthroughs, retraction of published papers, and abrupt discontinuation of studies.
  • The stakes are high; reproducibility of life science research and expediting discoveries for prevention and cures will ultimately save lives and enhance global health
  • Addressing this critical issue must be a top priority for the research community, and the scientific community is ready to find a unifying solution to this problem
  • GBSI is coordinating a global effort to increase the level of credible, replicable, and translatable results in life science research by driving the expanded development and adoption of standards through policy initiatives, thought leadership and education. These efforts will engage and mobilize all stakeholders across the life sciences.


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