GBSI is an independent convener of life science stakeholders and thought leaders.

We work across sectors to provide a unique and independent forum for academia, government, industry, and other life science stakeholders to enhance the credibility, reproducibility, and translatability of biomedical research through best practices and standards.

What We Do

GBSI furthers its mission in three program areas: Science, Education and Training, and Policy and Awareness. Advancing standards and best practices in science will improve research quality and reproducibility. Educating and training researchers ensures their use. Policy and awareness involving all stakeholders affirms their importance.

Antibody Validation Working Groups

GBSI established Working Groups to create antibody validation guidelines for each of the seven most commonly used techniques. The guidelines and a related points system are for researchers and producers to document the validation techniques they carried out for a specific antibody. Each Group will present their proposed guidelines for public review and comments later this year, and the groups and GBSI will incorporate feedback into the final Guidelines.


Reproducibility2020 is a challenge and action plan for the bio-medical research community to significantly improve the quality of pre-clinical biological research by year 2020.

Cell Authentication Alliance

The Alliance brings together a diverse set of committed stakeholders with the sole purpose of making routine cell line authentication standard practice as part of quality biomedical research. GBSI facilitates the work of the Alliance and through #authenticate, our periodic e-newsletter, shares the progress and innovations of Alliance members and the broader research community.

Antibody Validation Initiative

Antibodies are indispensable and yet are a major contributor to irreproducibility. Research antibodies must demonstrate specificity, selectivity, and reproducibility, and still, there is no simple solution to ensure this. GBSI is engaging the research community through 1) a survey on validation practices, 2) online discussion to craft crowdsourced consensus standards, and 3) is convening a validation standards workshop.

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The Case for Biological Standards

In 2013, GBSI released a white paper prepared by independent consultants Health Advances and Feinstein Kean Healthcare, that presented the findings on irreproducibility obtained from almost 60 interviews with stakeholders throughout the life science community and our recommendations for meaningful change.