The Need for Validation Standards

One of the key outcomes from our Asilomar Antibody Validation Workshop is consensus in the need for validation standards and guidelines, and a strong recommendation for a point-driven framework to ensure sufficient validation occurred for an antibody in a given application.

GBSI established Working Groups to create a series of antibody validation guidelines for each of the seven most commonly used techniques. Each Working Group will consist of six or seven members, with representation from academia, antibody producers, and others including pharma and journals.

The Working Groups are tasked with establishing validation guidelines and a points system that can be used by researchers and producers alike to demonstrate what validation activities they carried out to demonstrate confirmation. Each Group will present their proposed guidelines for public review and comments later this year, and the groups and GBSI will incorporate feedback into the final Guidelines.

Asilomar Workshop Report

Working Group Membership

Western Blotting:

  • Chair: Josh LaBaer – Biodesign Institute at ASU
  • Carl Ascoli – Rockland Immunochemicals
  • Matt Baker – ThermoFisher
  • Nathan Blow – BioTechniques
  • Mark Shulewitz – Bio-Rad
  • James DeCaprio – Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Sophia Hober – KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Immunohistochemistry (IHC):

  • Chair: David Rimm – Yale School of Medicine
  • Natalie de Souza – Nature Methods
  • Caroline Kampf – Atlas Antibodies
  • Roberto Polakiewicz – Cell Signaling Technology
  • Alejandra Solache – Abcam

Immunocytochemistry (ICC):

  • Chair: Andy Chalmers – University of Bath & CiteAb
  • Birte Aggeler – Bio-Techne Corporation
  • Daniel Beacham – Invitrogen
  • Karine Enesa – AstraZeneca
  • Christine Ferguson – PLOS Biology
  • Victoria Sherwood – University of Dundee

Flow Cytometry:

  • Chair: Ruud Hulspas – Cellular Technologies
  • Pratip Chattopadhyay – National Institutes of Health
  • Chris Groves – MedImmune
  • Sara Hamilton – Cell Press
  • Andrea Illingworth – Dahl-Chase Diagnostic Services
  • Tomas Kalina – Charles University Second Faculty of Medicine
  • Kelly Lundsten – BioLegend
  • Jürgen Schmitz – Miltenyi Biotec GmbH

ELISA & Sandwich Assay:

  • Chair: Tara Hiltke – National Cancer Institute, NIH
  • Simon Goodman – Merck KGaA
  • Valerie Quarmby – Genentech
  • Nader Rifai – Harvard Medical School
  • Richard Saul – Leidos Biomedical Research
  • Michael J. Taussig – Cambridge Protein Arrays
  • Jennifer Zemo – BioAgilytix


  • Chair: Alan Sawyer – The Jackson Laboratory
  • Susanne Gräslund – Karolinska Institute
  • Vivian Siegel – MIT
  • Valda Vinson – Science
  • Group still in formation

Coming Soon: Antibody Producer Consortium


  • Chair: Fridtjof Lund-Johansen – Oslo University Hospital
  • Kim Lee – Cell Signaling Technology
  • Anna Malovannaya – Baylor College of Medicine
  • John Rodgers – Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Group still in formation

Coming Soon: Researcher Proficiency Training

Working with Stakeholders

The validation guidelines are intended to be used by all stakeholders, whether a researcher in academia, or in QC at an antibody producer. All stakeholders have an interest in ensuring these scientifically-derived guidelines will drive better quality research through transparency and training, and we welcome all stakeholders to join with us.